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Premium  Downloadable Video:  $24.99
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Induction: Extended Progressive Fixation   sample
Starring:  Diana Knight

You've enjoyed Diana Knight online and you've dreamed of actually meeting her. Tonight, you're filling in for a good friend in Beverly Hills, who delivers for a very famous Italian Restaurant. Little do you realize you're in for a surprise, and you can't believe your eyes! Diana Knight is waiting for you, and before the night is through your dreams will come true. Just relax, listen and learn, as powerful Diana hypnotically relieves any stress or concern. Hypnotic "DIANA" is 23 minutes long, powerful and everything you've come to expect from Diana Knight.

Our newest format offers a FILE FORMAT INCREASE FROM 640X360 to 640x384. Of course PREMIERE PLUS means Better Audio, Better Video, and NO BARS at the top and the bottom of your video.  Plus, file sizes still run 10% - 20% SMALLER than before with better quality!





























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