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Induction:  Powerful Breast Induction   SAMPLE
Starring:  Kim Stephanie

You're convinced you can't be Hypnotized and "HYPNO GIRL" is on her way to save the day!  This Sexy Super Hero can change the course of mighty mind-sets and bend steel wills with her bare hands. Disguised as mild mannered Kim Stephanie, "HYPNO GIRL" delivers Double D delight, every night. Plus, the rumor is true, Kim has her sights set on You! Just Relax, Listen and Enjoy a Misdirection Induction that delivers more than you can imagine. No need to wait "HYPNO GIRL" is great, and includes Kim's longest release to date.

PREMIERE PLUS features Better Audio, Better Video, and NO BARS at the top and the bottom of your video.  Plus, file sizes run up to 30% SMALLER than before with better quality! We would LOVE your input on this all new format, email us at susan@tranceproviders with your thoughts.





























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