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Premium  Downloadable Video:  $24.99
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Induction: Powerful Breast Induction   Sample
Starring:  Kim Stephanie

"NURSE 2.0" is Kim's classic Nurse video, completely re-edited and re-mastered from the ground up. This powerful new "Director's Cut" edition features vastly improved audio and video, effects and production. Plus, "NURSE 2.0"  also includes key footage missing from the original.  Enjoy this powerful erotic hypnotic experience the way it was meant to be, as Kim's most personalized session. Once again, Kim is ready to provide a perky breast induction, hypnotic seduction and powerful stress reduction. 

This video is available in our new VARIABLE VB+ format. VARIABLE VB+ offers improved audio and video quality. Enjoy "NURSE 2.0" in our new High Quality Video format and feel the difference.. 





























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